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«It is necessary to lay emphasis on beautiful girls – so, if they come, men will immediately get around to demonstrate how smart they areʺ, Durov claimed that day.

He also added that he liked testing various features on girls – like, ʺif they appreciate it, the others will also doʺ.

Besides, Helga and Alia, the models from Moscow who have made it to hit some lad mags’ covers, were also invited to that party.

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It is rumored that one of the Durovʼs principles consists in wasting less time on women and foolish people.

Nevertheless, Pavel was frequently caught in love to beautiful women.

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Pavel Valerievich Durov and Bondarenko Darya Michailovna are mentioned as their parents. They say that the couple really had a love affair but they were together for a very short period of time. It is hard to say for sure who exactly Durov is dating now and whether this information is actually true. According to the first one, Durov avoids the relationship with women and spends all his spare time alone.

Moreover, both children are registered to be residing at Durov’s parents from St. In addition, there are a lot of photos in Darya’s Instagram but you won’t find any with children. The second one says that he is a womanizer with a penchant for models, who changes girls like socks.

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In 2014, he sold out his share of ʺVKontakteʺ and emigrated from Russia. Kitts and Nevis Caribbean island and got busy with the Telegram messenger which is currently estimated at a billion dollars.


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