minnesota laws for dating - Updating kitchen wood cabinet doors

Of course, we never lived in any of the house like we found it.

We removed wallpaper and painted everything the first week we owned the house and then we did these big-impact-low-cost updating projects to get us through until the full remodel: So, it was livable and even pleasant for awhile. And the counters got even more grody, if that’s possible.

updating kitchen wood cabinet doors-3

Along with disgusting harvest gold tile, wagon-wheel light fixture, and dark wood everything.

Doing it ourselves, we started with painting all the cabinets and changing out the light fixtures when we repainted the great room and rest of the house.

Caulk and paint make everything look like it’s always been there.

I refinished the original wood breakfast bar to match the new counters and even though one is a wood veneer and the other is oak, the dark stain helps them coordinate nicely, I think.

I think the butler’s pantry area is the most dramatic – and it took the most finagling trying to figure out how to deal with the holes left from an awkward gigantic breadboard in the lower cabinet and the weird cut-out in the upper cabinet skirt. )I’m so proud of Brian for figuring out a way to make my vision for the upper cabinet skirt to come to life here – it wasn’t easy to make scrolls with a jigsaw on attached cabinets, but it looks like it was always meant to be this way, doesn’t it?

And to cover up the base cabinet holes, we attached simple flat molding, both along the length and down the middle.

Now before we get into the guts n’ the glory, you need to figure out what style of cabinets you have…

So, if you are truly wanting to ‘update’, then you’ll want to restain with a darker, more modern stain colour OR neutralize it with a lighter, more natural stain that doesn’t have the orange/yellow tone.

Just to see how far we’ve come in eight years, here’s our one photo of what the kitchen looked like when we bought the house (note to self: take more before pictures! Grrr, well at least it’s enough to give you an idea of what it looked like.

And here it is today: It’s like a breath of fresh air, right?

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