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The oldest meteorites ever dated in the Solar System are 4,56 billion years old, the oldest minerals on Earth are 4,4 billion years old, and the oldest rocks on Earth are 4 billion years old.These ages are very consistent because the meteorites had to form before the accretion of our planet, and the Earth had to cool down before the first minerals could crystallise.

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The lowest age defended on a scientific basis is in the 6 to 10 thousand year range.

Flash executes action blocks one after another, so the execution flow inside of a block is never interrupted, neither by event nor by or similar actions.

If you want to log them in a file instead, uncomment the log file will be overwritten each time you run Flasm.

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I'm sure it would dramatically affect player stability, which is great now, considering all things going on in a complex movie.

The stack is like an array of values, except you can only access the value on top, push another value onto the top, or swap the top two values.

Our hearts are endless and our souls infinite,” Smart wrote on the micro-blogging site in January.

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