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But I do know how to attract and give love, get married, and live out marriage commitment ’til death do us part’ at a young age. And I read some weird stuff man, so I can synthesize it all in so you don’t have to.).

While we obviously exist to help singles who are looking for love, we think independence, self-confidence and personal development are also important in life.

Being single offers plenty of opportunities for developing as a person and if you are comfortable with yourself and who you are, you’re more likely to make informed choices about your relationships.

Expert Dating Tip: Go to Beauty schools for your hair cut. April brings cutting edge behavioral research to singles to empower them for finding quality mates.

Ok that’s it, you can now sign the check and paypal me $10,000 (USD please, although Pay Pal will translate the buckage whatever your currency.). There are beauty school all over the United States and Canada. Connect with April at Google : April Braswell/ April, I have to hand it to you: smart thinking!

But there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy your single life while looking for someone to share your life with.

At Parship we believe that there is a lot to be said for being comfortable with who you are and where you are in your life.I prefer the truth, long term relationships, and million dollars forever.I am so not perfect, can we start the list of attributes where I need to work on things?Once you’ve completed the test, you could be receiving partner recommendations within minutes absolutely free.If you need any advice on how to contact your recommended partners and how to take things further, speak on the phone, meet up or even start a relationship – worry not.On top of that, we also have an email service for personal dating advice and tips, as well as a dedicated phone support line for our premium members.


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