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But I do not know the Arabs, how they deal with our series and their habits in watching TV, so I do not know whether it will succeed without dubbing or not.

In a previous interview with Snob Magazine, you have said that you would like to learn Arabic, where is that wish now?

First of all, we tried to know the secret of her popularity in Arab world, so we asked her: What does it mean to you that you have become a symbol in the Arab world, where the public does not even know your language? - The Main reason is due to the fact that the stories and topics addressed by the Turkish series are not limited to Turkish people but go beyond to people and nations that have a similar culture and feelings.

I think that what is offered by those projects catch the interest and the feelings of people in the Middle East, especially the Arabs.

- Yes, it is true, especially on screen between us.

And the chemistry between the actors is very important for any acting project since without it, the public will not believe us and the project will not succeed.

Onur and I know each other before working together in “Gonulçelen”.

We were good and very close friends for nearly five years.

- In fact, I haven’t begun yet formally, it is a very difficult language!

But I know a few words and short sentences and phrases.

In the same interview, you have mentioned that you have learnt singing for your role in “Gönülçelen”, do you have any intention to become a singer besides acting?

- I am first and last an actress, and I think only in acting.

Our Turkish guest who abandoned fashion design to devote herself to her real passion acting, found a new love from a flesh and blood this time, in the person of the actor Onur Saylak with whom she get married last July.

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