Updating the valentine one

;) My Comment Like many, my thoughts on this collection haven’t really moved very much since our initial sneak peeks – many of the pieces are pretty – particularly the new bracelet, the Rose pieces (especially the ring) and the Two Hearts spacers.

However, at this point in my collecting career, so to speak, I need to be more selective and stick more to character beads, or pieces that are more distinctive from those I already own.

Microsoft's Windows Phone software holds a distant third place behind Apple's i OS and Google's Android, with a worldwide market share of 3.7 percent in the second quarter, according to research firm IDC.

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Making the time for totally hot sex can be a great way to show your partner how much you care and appreciate them.

If you're spending Valentine's Day with someone, chances are you've already entered the bone zone.

This will be going on my mesh bracelet along with the So Many Reasons to be Happy pendant that came out for the US a couple of months ago and the Home Sweet Home charm.

Boxes of chocolate, red roses, and romantic dinners may be the PG symbols of Valentine's Day, but if you ask me, the best part of the Hallmark holiday is the X-rated element: sex.

For a full preview of both charms, have a look through the Pandora CNY 2018 tag.

:) These gorgeous live shots from Patty Ng show off the new beads perfectly.Contact lists and other features will be able to fit in more information.That's a contrast to Android, where text and images simply get bigger with larger screens, without actually fitting in more content.As usual, I’m celebrating the launch with a selection of live shots of all the new jewellery!😊 The Valentine’s 2018 collection offers some of the usual pinks and heart charms, but there are a few more off-the-wall options as well this year!:) I actually finally made a promotions page for 2018, which has all the info I know so far listed, so you can take a look at there as well!

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