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The North, however, was a vast, unexplored mystery.

Herodotus sailed north from Samos, following the coast of Asia minor and to the Hellespont.

After sailing to various spots in the Sea of Mamara, he then traveled through the Bosphorus, visiting the city of Byzantium, barely a hundred years old at this time, and Chalcedon.

Many of the facets of Herodotus" personality can be deduced from the events of his early childhood.

His History makes it clear that he was curious about everything, and that while well read, Herodotus preferred to learn first hand.

He was aware of the differences between the Greeks and the barbarians, but he does not treat the foreigners as inherently inferior.

In fact, he sees them as equals to the Greeks in many ways, highlighting their courage and strength.

While in Samos, he mastered the Ionic dialect, and wrote a history in nine books, starting with Cyrus the Persian, and Candaules, the king of the Lydians.

He returned to Halicarnassus and drove out the tyrant, but afterward, when he saw that he was hated by the citizens, he went as a volunteer to Thurii when it was being colonized by Athens, and there he died and was buried in the marketplace.

Some say that Athens, too, had reached the height of her imperialism, and the Peloponnesian war would bring to Athens what the war Herodotus wrote about brought to Persia. The Life and Travels of Herodotus People sometimes let their own experiences filter the way they interpret the events of the past.

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