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Hmm.” The mum discovered her new man’s true identity when she attended a special assembly.

Vera, an eighth-grade English teacher at Stovall Middle School in Houston, allegedly told police in April that the relationship she had with one of her students started through messages on Instagram -- and had evolved into a great love.

The boy's parents are reportedly accepting of the relationship, including Vera in family gatherings.

Evidence presented in court Friday morning showed Vera had explicit photos of herself and the 13-year-old male student on her phone.

A single mum says she was left feeling “a bit ill” after discovering that her new boyfriend is her son's head teacher.

She said she'd been “texting constantly” with her new man, going on three “amazing dates” and kissing before discovering that he runs the school that her son attends.On Wednesday, two months after the police investigation began and nearly eight months after 24-year-old Vera allegedly started having sex with the eighth-grader, authorities issued a warrant for her arrest on a felony charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child. Vera turned herself in at a suburban jail in Montgomery County and later was released on 0,000 bond, reported the Associated Press.Court documents filed last week in a Harris County District Court offer a detailed look into Vera's account of their alleged relationship, which she purpotedly told police was not only approved but celebrated by the boy's parents.She wrote: “His first name I know - his surname is not the one he uses with me or the one he has on his email.” One mum responded: “The head teacher thing wouldn't bother me as I doubt he has much direct contact with your son. Has he told you the wrong surname or is it just one he has on his email/online dating account?“Lots of teachers don't use their names online so the kids can't find them but that doesn't fit with the Facebook profile in his real name. Then waited until boys had filed out and I introduced myself.” Unsure how to deal with the situation, she is taking advice from other parents on the forum and “just going to go radio silent and hide my phone.” Some said the false surname alone would be enough to make them bin him - what would you do?In January, Vera said she discovered the boy had gotten her pregnant.

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