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Things to know about Just Brittany The 28-year-old, whose real name is Brittany Bullock, first broke into the music industry after getting signed with Cash Money Records in 2010 and debuted her first album "Not Just a Pretty Face" in 2011.

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"I'm clueless/I feel stupid/For choosing you as my man" Do You: "Why we gotta argue/You ain't gotta break me down" ...

It seems like every day we go through the same things/Fussing, arguing about the same thing/Let's talk, let's chill/Let's know the real about each other/Instead of trying to hurt one another" Too Much: "What you be talkin' I just cannot trust" ...

After graduation, to fund her music career ambitions, she became an exotic dancer, according to a VH1 interview with "Signed."Source: Instagram less She was valedictorian of her high school, then became an exotic dancer to fund her music ambitions.

According to her website, she graduated high school as the class valedictorian at the age of 16. more She owns her own boutique Queen Houston by Just Brittany is a plus-size clothing store in Fifth Ward Houston.

more An intense audio recording captured the alleged assault.

TMZ reports that 90 minutes into the alleged assault, Just Brittany started recording after going to the bathroom to vomit.

Among her quotable gems: And, best of all, she uttered the classic reality show line: "I'm here to win.

I'm not here to be friends." Previews for upcoming episodes promise even more conflict.

"I get real crazy when I f***in' drink/I might say some things I don't really mean" Neva: "Neva will I fall in love again/Neva will I ever trust a friend/Neva will I be played a fool/Neva will I ever lose my cool" ...

"And I said I'd never make the same mistakes/But I still fall short it seem like every day/Having trust issues 'cause people let you down" Mama Should've Told Me with Z-Ro: "But I learned the hard way/Even though mama warned me/Mistakes turned into lessons that I learned along the journey" "Signed" airs at 8 p.m.

She ruffled the feathers of several other contestants with her no-nonsense attitude.

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