Who is sarah palin dating

The dalliance put a chill on the Palin marriage, with Todd complaining to friends about the loss of intimacy in their relationship, the Enquirer reported.

Lawyers probably advised Palin that, in libel suits, truth is an absolute defense and, is the case so often with her, truth is not on her side.

1996 - 1997The National Enquirer offered some exciting gossip for the blogosphere when they claimed that Sarah Palin had had an affair with her husband's coworker, Brad Hanson.

The sure-to-be controversial tome says the one-time Alaskan governor was more than a Tea Partier - smoking pot with a college professor and snorting coke on a snowmobiling trip, the National Enquirer reported.

She also cheated on husband Todd, taking up with the First Dude's business partner in the mid-'90s, the Enquirer quoted the book as reporting.

A friend described Palin as the aggressor, with the pal reporting "she hauled his ass down," the Enquirer said.

Their tryst reportedly occurred over Thanksgiving weekend 1987 in the dorm room of Palin's kid sister at the University of Alaska-Anchorage.

Mc Ginnis also discusses use of cocaine by the Palins.

Palin denies the drug use, along with reports of her rampant sexual adventures.

Author Joe Mc Ginnis, whose string of best selling books about politics and politicians have led to more than one downfall of those who claimed to be what they are not, documented Palin’s fling with basketball star Glen Rice while she was dating her future husband as well as her six-month dalliance with Todd’s business partner Brad Hanson after they married.


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