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Though bluntly named, the short opens with sunlight-soaked shots of a girl’s bookshelf, as she lounges in bed reading prose to herself.

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It’s awkward watching the pair not really interact, let alone chat and joke, ahead of their incredibly intimate scene, and vaguely comedic as he stands dressed as a vampire nervously by the table as Misha preens and checks her phone facing the opposite direction nearby.

Their contrast is probably best summed up in their respective Twitter feeds, Parker tweeting long reads about government sex legislation, Misha trying to flog a pair of heels that she broke in a recent scene to desperate male fans.

The indie porn scene is endlessly fascinating, and only destined to grow as distribution becomes easier online and the mass-market style feels increasingly archaic.

It might still be a way off being taken seriously as art or cinema, but it's important that people like Erika are brave enough to put themselves out there as pornographers and start a discussion about the way we view and depict sex.

It’s hard to imagine this type of content feature length, though it’s encouraging to see people like Erika, Lucie Blush, Frolic Me’s Anna and other pornographers giving sex the love and care it deserves, not out of some duty to better educate people, but because they get that someone lying in knickers and a t-shirt in post-nap horny stupor can be infinitely more sexy than a cosmetically enhanced, creosote-skinned porn ‘star’ perched on a modernist sofa.

Debriefing and knocking back some sangria in a bar after the shoot, my photographer and I decide that ‘girl’s boyfriend surprises her by actually being turned on by her period’ might have been a more compelling and progressive period-orientated fantasy than the vampire one, but also that, being men, what the hell do we know?Erika’s enthusiasm and diligence for what she does is inspiring, and every single take she is glued to the monitor, occasionally shouting orders and tweaks to the performers as subtle as the placement of a hand on the bed.Almost all of the (considerable) press coverage Erika has had so far, including our own, has been focused on the feminist aspect to her work, both in front of and behind the camera, but of equal interest is its artistic mission statement.Laila, the shoot’s make-up artist and essentially spirit animal, seems integral to the set’s buoyant mood, and is so smiley and chatty that your correspondents briefly forget to actually pay attention to the filming.The only bad vibes in the apartment come from actress Misha Cross.Erika’s scenes are short but carefully composed, coming with a finesse that we’re not used to in the 480p clips repeatedly ripped and uploaded to streaming sites.


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