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When your adult child comes to you asking for money, where do you begin?

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Often what I see is parents either borrowing money to supplement their child’s income, or diverting money earmarked for their own emergencies or retirement to help out.

Neither scenario is good for the parents because they can’t really afford to be generous without putting their own financial security at risk.

When asked why parents help, most replied they were “legitimately concerned” about their child’s financial well-being, while others stated they did not want their children to struggle financially like they once did. But my concern is how does the adult child learn to be self-sufficient or learn to live within a budget if the parents are always willing to hand over money?

Especially if the parents become financially unstable or indebted just to support adult children.

The online version of our counseling allows you to enter in all of your information online and a certified counselor will get back to you with an action plan in 2-3 business days. Our own Program Director, Darryl Dahlheimer, was interviewed!

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The adult child may still be living at home or recently returned to the parents’ household.


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