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Alle können mit ihrem alten Account noch 2 Tage botten wenn sie kein Premium hatten und wenn man Premium hatte kann man seinen Key für 25/ 45/ 65 Tage einlösen im Key-Lager Die, die noch keinen Account hatten, müssen sich auf m2registrieren Changelog: - Sellscript 100% fixxed - Launcherdesign komplett umgestaltet - Grafikbugs fixxed The new update 2.0 which renders M2BOB unfree is The new homepage is from now on m2bob.net! Toata lumea poate folosi contul vechi pentru botting in urmatoarele 2 zile daca nu a avut premium inainte, în cazul in care ati avut premium inainte va puteti rascumpara 40/80/115 zile din "Depozit-Key" Cine nu are un cont m2bob,poate sa-si faca aici Script vanzare fixat100% - Launcher-design complet reproiectat - Buguri grafice fixate This update was a bit hard, we needed to test many things to get the bot working again But it was successful, the bot works now on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 ! site=enter#page2 Changelog: - Update auf Metin2-Clientversion 13.1 - Komplette Ordnerstruktur überarbeitet (daher können hier alte Einstellungen NICHT übernommen werden!

Therefore, M2BOB works now perfect on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Have fun download at m2Changelog: - Fixxed Windows XP Hack Shield Error Crashes/Kicks - Fixxed Windows XP import settings - Fixxed Windows XP File copying bug Changelog: - Updatet bot for metin2 version 13.2 - Fixxed abnormal program termination - Fixxed Access violation(Zugriffserror) - When shopping the payer stands now not inside the NPC - Translate bugs fixxed - Tray Icon behaviour fixxed - Tool Tips added for minimizing - Bug with old man fixxed - Exp Donate will not detect if the player is in a guild - Wallhack disabled-mode fixxed - Players can now be added to the whiteliste with double-click - Optimized many things that are not visible, but will affect the overall performance - Updatet Bot to latest Clientversion 13.3.9 - Fixxed Shopbot (works now on all Metin2 Versions) - Added "Show" button on the General tab that shows the current Metin2 window - Fixxed Pickup saving bugs - Added new patcher for automatic updating of M2Bob in the future (no downloading or re-configuring required at any time) - Added easter-metin detection and easter-metin levels in M2Bob - Added Chat messages when you recieve a PM or when the bot sends a PM - Fixed many minor things/bugs - Small GUI changes This update has some major and interesting changes - Implented a global Selling-Blacklist (activateable via the Shoptab) - Added a new, better viewable icon, if a GM comes near - Function "Sort inventory automatically" works now 100% - Implented multi-instance support of M2BOB.

You can now start M2BOB multiple times if every M2BOB instance has its own M2BOB-Account and its own directory - Compressed the Maps, so the size of M2BOB is much smaller - Fixed a bug in the Auto Attack - Various GUI fixes - new GM Name detection Have fun with the new update Download: m2bob.net/?

110 days M2BOB (at Paysafecard day 105) Customers using PAYPAL get more for their money, because if you pay with PAYSAFECARD there is a manual processing effort Furthermore, from now there will be Botcodes that you get when you buy M2BOB.

You can redeem them yourself or give other people a code;) This is quite handy for example when someone has a Pay Pal account and 5 other prople have not, he can buy 5 keys and then sell it to others and then has more of it than if the others had bought via PSC;) Have fun with M2BOB and Merry Christmas!

- Walk On Click (Tıkladığın yere git) Bugları Giderildi: Bkz: Kırmızı 1.köyden mavi 1.köye giderken buga gitme sorunu çözüldü) 0.

- Artık Otomatik olarak metin2'nin kurulu olduğu Game Forge Live dizini tanınacak. Happy bottings / İyi hileler Download / İndirme @m2Bugfix Update[] - Fixate unele bug-uri cu cartile competentelor si alte iteme din searchbot .

- Acces Violation Fixat - Bugurile din tabul Anti-ban Fixate -Interfata mai ordonata in tabul General - Harti noi adaugate in folderul Maps - Optiunea "Mereu pe ecran"(always on top) adaugata - Problemele de traducere fixate - Iconita Doneaza-EXP schimbata.

- Bugurile legate de salvarea lis Finally, after long and much work we managed to fix M2BOB on Windows XP and it works now 100% perfect.

- Bot sırasında client hata verip M2Bob KOMPLE Kapanma sorunu çözüldü.

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