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Of the 21,000 Choctaws who started the journey, more than half perished from exposure, malnutrition, and disease.This despite the fact that during the War of 1812 the Choctaws had been allies of then General Jackson in his campaign against the British in New Orleans.

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To receive relief, hundreds of starving Irish were instructed to travel many miles in bad weather. Increased attention to the Great Famine in recent years has led to renewed recognition of the Choctaw donation.

In 1990, a delegation of Choctaw officials was invited to participate in an annual walk in County Mayo commemorating a tragic starvation march that occurred during the Famine.

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  Perhaps their sympathy stemmed from their recognition of the similarities between the experiences of the Irish and Choctaw. They note that both groups were victims of conquest that led to loss of property, forced migration and exile, mass starvation, and cultural suppression (most notably language).

      The photo above shows a memorial to the victims of the Doolough Tragedy which took place on March 30, 1849.

That same year the Choctaw tribe made Ireland’s president, Mary Robinson, an honorary chief.

  The photo at the beginning of this article depicts the Famine Memorial in Dublin today near the docks.

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Little wonder that survivors referred to the year as “Black ’47.” What potatoes were harvested were shipped, by the English, outside of Ireland.

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