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It’s loud and catchy with a high-pitched energetic outro beckoning listeners to sing along with her at the top of their lungs. Vincent confronting the consequences of hot and heavy love story from “Young Lover” — her partner is now gone, their love self-destructed and she is left “dancing with a ghost.” The closer, “Smoking Section,” is a culmination of every theme on the record.

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At the same time, her fame alienates her from normal human interactions and relationships.

This sentiment is perfectly encapsulated in some of the record’s final tracks — “Young Lover,” “Slow Disco” and “Smoking Section.” “Young Lover” is everything a pop rock track should be.

The roaring, pop-infused rock tracks that play from the title track to “Los Ageless” are a perfect segway into “Happy Birthday, Johnny,” a tear-inducing piano ballad about young love gone sour. Vincent has ever produced, and she uses this sonic contrast throughout the record to attempt to explain the dichotomy of celebrity life.

Her status as a public figure results in every moment of her life being scrutinized by millions of people who want to know every detail of her steamy celebrity relationships.

Some listeners were afraid that “MASSEDUCTION” would be an unnecessary pivot away from everything that made St. Abandoning the guitar-heavy foundation of her prior work for modern pop conventions was a risk which ended up paying off in the end.

At first listen, the record can sound like an attempt to recreate the sounds currently dominating on the Billboard charts.Once this hedonistic lifestyle is stripped away, people can finally recognize who their real friends are and what their relationships mean.Rarely has a recent pop album explored so well what it means to be a pop star in the modern age.Influenced equally by bands like Sleater-Kinney and Bikini Kill and jazz greats John Coltrane and Sarah Vaughan, Clark named her music project after a Nick Drake song about the poet Dylan Thomas dying in New York City's St. Clark's inventive, intricate music is featured most notably on her recent, self-titled fourth solo album and on her current concert tour.Here, she talks with Lisa Robinson about life on the road and her background, clothes, and music.].He has had a very up-and-down 2017 — on one hand, Antonoff was responsible for writing and producing a significant portion of Lorde’s pop opus “Melodrama.” On the other hand, he contributed to the absolute dumpster fire of a track that is Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do.” Antonoff has popularized the technique of turning up the volume on all of the mixes of his tracks to 11, creating an overblown, blaring and sometimes shrill sounding song that can be as intense as it is forgettable.


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