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Within my Christian circle it was more important to be “pure” then to learn, to properly vet a potential suitor.I quickly found out that “sweet” Christian boys, red and yellow black and white were horny to.I had wasted precious time pinning after the “the brothers” while these men unashamedly, chose to date women from various ethnic backgrounds.

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With 30 just around the corner, I decided it was time for a change.

I was tired of hearing how unappealing my looks were to potential love interests.

My nicki minajesque rear end quickly proved to be false advertising.

When sexual advances were refused, I was swiftly discarded like yesterday’s trash in favor of others who were much more willing.

After Jay came Harry, the quintessential IBM boy next door.

For years I waited for Harry to notice me in the sea of blondes and brunettes he dated.

Take a read of one young woman who took the chance and jumped on a plane.

By Michaele Acary Two days after my 29th birthday, I boarded a plane headed for Jordan. In a span of ten years, I had experienced several personal setbacks that left me severely depressed.

I began to really look forward to just talking to her on the bus rides in the morning and sometimes walking.

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