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Beautiful transgender submissive Eliza Grey, already in Pandora's service, is jealous of Tai's arrival.

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Part 2 in the series will cover the 7 years between launching the…

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I cherished the marks as mementoes of a highly charged, erotic spanking shoot.

This video celebrates the way I like to play at home, and hopefully shows that loving, consensual, "good girl" spanking can be no less intense than punishment.

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Queer, kinky, and with express permission from his boyfriend to explore his submissive side, he's eager to take on any test Pandora cares to devise.

She's pleased with his appearance when he strips naked, and the ease with which he submits to her as she tests him with flogger, paddle, and belt.

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  2. Girls are especially likely to support friends’ relationships on social media: 71% of girls with dating experience have done so, compared with 57% of boys.

  3. Whether it’s on a lunchbreak, waiting for the train or just relaxing in bed, your phone is always at hand – so why not check on your dating profile?

  4. Now, I look at this from two viewpoints: 1) he doesnt think i'd want to hang out with his kids, in which case i suppose we'd have to talk about that eventually.

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