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Let's take a closer look at using Excel as a database.

The reality of many end-users is that they do not have the time nor the desire to investigate OLAP interfaces into relational databases, and these business intelligence offerings are both expensive and cumbersome.

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To connect Excel to Oracle you just need to specify the server TNS alias (for connection via Oracle Client) or host, port, and Oracle service ID (for direct connection) and your credentials.

Add-in's direct connections don't require Oracle Client installed.

If you data is static and making a one-way trip into your spreadsheet, using Excel as a database makes sense.

The trick is to find a tool that will easily allow for data access.

You can also change up the column order, which may make the next step a bit easier.

This is where you tell SQL Developer what columns are to be used for the import.In sum, it makes sense to use Excel as a database platform and you can use Excel-DB to quickly database-enable any Excel spreadsheet.Excel-DB is also inexpensive (only 5 per seat) and they offer a 10-day free download.I rarely endorse vendor products, but I've been very impressed with Excel-DB as an Excel database interface.Once installed, Excel-DB customized the Excel menus and allow you to extract database information at lightening speed.Connection information may optionally be stored in the Excel file, or you may reenter it whenever necessary.


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