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As a result of this program, Islamic scholars in Egypt brought a lawsuit against Zakariya alleging that he claimed that Muhammad was born out of wedlock.

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But as I studied the Quran and the Sunnah, I became aware of the many contradictions there.

I then began to read the Bible, even though as a Muslim I believed that it was corrupted.

Others say this is related to the reason Gabriel told Muhammad many years later he could not pray at the grave of his mother. Shaykh Khalil Abd al-Karim commented in his book, “The Preparation Period of the Honest One” that this was to show the relationship between Amina and the Christian monk Buhira in Busra who later declared that he saw in Muhammad the physical characteristics of a prophet.

In his book, “The Scattered Pearls; Intertextual Exegesis”, Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti suggests that the statement of Gabriel is perhaps because Muhammad was born several years after the death of his father. SAYF: What is your comment on this alleged shining light?

SAYF: Are there miracles associated with Amina’s pregnancy and Muhammad’s birth in Islamic sources? In “The Book of the Major Classes”, historian Ibn Sa’d writes that during her pregnancy a light shone from Amina’s womb that was seen in the palaces of Busra in Syria. ABUNA: They say this light shone both when she was pregnant, and when she gave birth to Muhammad.

My question is, if this really happened why did Amina die an unbeliever, and why did she not even want to see Muhammad after his birth as we have explained in previous episodes.

I began to see the differences between it and the Quran.

For example, the last of the Ten Commandments says that one should not desire his neighbor’s wife.

If both wives became pregnant at the same time, Muhammad and Hamza would be the same age.


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