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Everytime he said something you made a cold or sassy comment about it.

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So when both of you laid in bed that evening he was also pissed because he didn’t know what happened.

Just right before he fell asleep you put your arms around him crying and told him about the hate.

You ignored him for the rest of the day and snapped at him when he wanted something from you.

Shindong realized that you just had a bad day and decided to cook your favourite food for you to lighten up your day.

When Yesung came to you and wanted to cuddle you just turned away.

And when he asked whats wrong you just said “nothing”.

Donghae can’t stand watching other people cry and when you told him that your favourite character died you both laid in each other arms crying and comforting each other.

The Korean idol dating scene, a never ending cycle of tears and tensions; especially if it happens to be surrounding well-known artists. IU, a popular South Korean singer, known as the Nation’s Younger Sister, is frequently portrayed in the media as innocent and cute (a favourite for uncles).

Heechul was so shocked and pulled you onto his lap.


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