Eunhyuk dating

Heechul was so shocked and pulled you onto his lap.

He wanted to know whats up and when you told him you have your period he kissed you on top of your nose and said “Awww my poor Princess. I love you” He’ll makes it to his first priority to make you laugh. But today it was too much and you couldn’t stand it anymore.

Everytime he said something you made a cold or sassy comment about it.

This got so far that he went angry and annoyed to bed.

IU however appears to be losing this sweet and innocent nature in the eyes of the media recently as Korean sites (Naver and Nate) have been buzzing with controversy since IU ‘accidentally’ uploaded a picture in which she is seen wearing her pyjamas alongside a shirtless Eunhyuk.

Part of well-known boy group Super Junior, Eunhyuk has performed with IU on numerous occasions and it has been shown that the two share a close relationship.

The whole day you were in a grumpy mood and yelled very easily at Heechul.

Later when you both laid on the couch and watched your favourite variety show you started to cry.

Unfortunately your niece is only a few month old so the day was filled with a lot of crying and screams.

All of that didn’t really helped your head so when you came home to Shindong this afternoon you were so annoyed.

You then realized that he didn’t even did something wrong and you were just jealous for no reason.

Feeling very bad about it you began to cry and went to Eunhyuk and told him sobbing whats wrong and how much you love him.

It was a very rough day at work, everything you did didn’t came out as you wanted it to be.

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