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I’ve been investing heavily in coaches, mentors, conferences, books, programs and masterminds.

I entered the program primarily focusing on how to navigate a recent promotion from a successful individual contributor role to a Director Level Manager role.

I exited the program as a confident and effective leader, well-equipped with a powerful overall mindset, improved “leader language” and listening skills, enhanced behavioral tools to connect with all types of behavior styles, as well as an enriched work-life balance.

She has the heart of a teacher and unparalleled insight to what companies are truly looking for, from their leaders!

If results are what you’re looking for, then take the opportunity to INVEST in yourself with Farnoosh’s program- you will NOT be disappointed!!

I coach entrepreneurs and business owners to accelerate success and growth through Impact, Income and Influence.

I know this for a fact because coaching has made my 6-figure business and lifestyle dream a reality.If you are not clear what coaching is about, or whether it can even be the right next step for you, you are not alone.From hundreds of conversations with those who were a little fuzzy about “this coaching thing”, I created a FREE resource on the most common false beliefs and myths surrounding coaching below: So did you resonate with any of those false beliefs?This was an aggressive 6 month program, but I knew that it would pay off and sure enough it did, in 7 months (1 month after the program ended) I was offered a position with another company with a title change that was higher than my current managers! I would like to note that I have the skills and 2 degrees, but none of this made me stand out or give me that competitive edge.Farnoosh helped me recognize my value, articulate that and be aggressive with my career goals and I am so thankful!Everything I coach on, I’ve done first hand and become an expert through experience and self-education. It can be replicated, repeated, and taught and followed. I open the curtain and let you see everything because, you know what?

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