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She then informs him that she has no plans to release it unless J. ever steps out of line and does something to hurt her or John Ross. Recent news stories about sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, stalking, violations of dating policies, violations of campus pornography policies, and similar violations in academia are NOT A FLUKE (Suggested Twitter hashtag: #SHAcademia).

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I decided to organize these by discipline and to include both faculty and administrators.

Note that it isn’t only men who are harassers or women being harassed, although the majority of the cases below are of men engaging in a variety of violations of institutional policy relative to women.

I also didn’t include coaches working at universities – that’s a whole other can of worms.

I did, however, include Athletic Directors and people in similar administrative positions.

UPDATED 3/2/17: Freedom of Information requests are resulting in the release of university investigative reports.

I am listing these reports under the date of release to make it clear when these cases came to light.

Eddie Peck (Tommy Mc Kay) and John Hoge (Detective Ratagan).

Also - Margaret Michaels makes one appearance as former main character Pamela Barnes Ewing, and Jenna Pangburn appears in two episodes as Pamela Rebecca Cooper, a character played by Deborah Kellner in the 1996 television film Dallas: J. Returns and Julie Gonzalo in the 2012 Dallas revival series. realizes she may be a more fitting Ewing bride than he believed. Cliff doesn't react well when Bobby tells him that he has decided to make J. a full partner at Ewing Oil, that is until he hears about the European deal; Sue Ellen and Don go to L. to cast roles for the movie; Cally is determined to improve herself believing that it will make her a more suitable wife for J.

Home Video, on a Region 1 DVD box set of three double-sided DVDs, on January 19, 2010. isn't dead; Cliff is overjoyed at the thought of seeing Pam again, until she makes it clear to him that she wants nothing to do with any part of her former life in Dallas; J. tries to make his condition appear worse than it is in order to manipulate Bobby into partnering with him; Lucy inadvertently finds out where John Ross is and reunites him with Sue Ellen; a drought in Dallas is threatening the cattle herd at Southfork; Cliff lies to Bobby about seeing Pam; Carter Mc Kay arrives in Dallas and is interested in buying Ray's house; Bobby agrees to a conditional partnership with J. John Ross asks Sue Ellen why she shot his dad; upon learning that it will increase his chances of getting full custody of John Ross, J. moves back into Southfork; both Clayton and Cliff make appealing business proposals to Bobby; John Ross isn't very happy living in Sue Ellen's new house and it doesn't go unnoticed by Sue Ellen; Mitch arrives at Southfork to work things out with Lucy, but it doesn't go well; after she sees Bobby with another woman, April is jealous and blurts out the truth about Cliff's meeting with Pam; Carter Mc Kay moves into the Krebb's place; Sue Ellen agrees to let John Ross live at Southfork, but only if J. R.; Casey returns to Dallas, ecstatic, after having struck oil on the 'worthless' dust field J. gave to his father; stung over Pam's rejection, a depressed Cliff is intent on getting out of the oil business; while on a hunting trip with Bobby and the boys, J. R.; Bobby tries to apologize to April, but she's too hurt by his rejection to accept; Sue Ellen is frustrated to learn that J. R.'s prolonged absence; Sue Ellen teams up with Jeremy Wendell against J. Ewing; with Jeremy Wendell arrested, Carter Mc Kay is announced as the new Chairman of West Star. gets word that Nicholas' mob-connected father is looking into his son's death. R., she then enlists Lucy's help in providing material for the movie; Carter's recently detoxed son, Tommy, arrives in Dallas, but he may not be as clean as he claims to be; J. is willing to make Cliff's profitable deal and sell the properties he controls, but only if Bobby agrees to allow J. back into the oil side of Ewing Oil; Cally rescues John Ross after he almost drowns in the pool; J. plans to double-cross Bobby and Cliff concerning the sale of the Ewing properties; Carter finds drugs hidden in Tommy's bedroom; Cally is finally making progress in getting John Ross to like her; Miss Ellie demands J. either accept Cally as his wife or divorce her; Tracey is worried about her brother after April catches Tommy's eye; Bobby is suspicious of Tommy's behaviour; Sue Ellen gives Don her diaries to read to help him in writing the movie; Cally tells J.

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