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You might discover that the Lenox name is missing, but if it still has the logo, it’s an authentic piece.

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Dating lenox backstamps

Lenox placed their logo on either spot, depending on the piece and the pattern.

If you also see a "Made in the USA" stamp, it indicates that the piece was made after 1930.

Meissen painted an “AR” on the pieces, in honor of the king.

Shortly thereafter, the company began using the famous crossed swords mark, which is still in use today.

(Reposted from is believed that the first china markings were done by Meissen Royal Manufactory in the eighteenth century.

The king of Saxony, Augustus Rex (also known as Augustus the Strong), commissioned the first production of hard-paste porcelain in Europe.

Even if the name of the company doesn’t appear on your piece, it’s still possible to find out whether or not the piece is made by Lenox by deciphering the Lenox code, a combination of letters and numbers.

Check the back of the piece for the Lenox name, and then check the edges if you can’t find a name on the back.

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