Dating girls taller than you

Before we can have a look at the signs that reveal whether or not she is a strong lumberjack or a caring nurse (I just love to play with stereotypes), we have to define what a masculine woman is.

In case you are into those kinds of girls, you probably fantasize about a woman who can carry you shoulder high while she looks you in the eyes like a hungry tiger.

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She is a leader, so she might just lead the seduction.

When she is really into you she might not show her interest with the grace of a feminine woman, but her signals will show you very frankly that you are a guy she wants to fuck.

She won’t giggle when you tell her that she is beautiful.

She will look at you as if you were one of her coworkers who she has to convince that she can stand her ground.

My experiment obviously proved that a manly dress code and a manly haircut are the foundation for manly behavior.

It shouldn’t come to a surprise that the average manly woman doesn’t walk like one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels. If she has never been in high heels you can’t expect her to walk in them like an ancient goddess.Her cute giggle turns into a cold and calculating laugh that she uses whenever she tries to network with a guy who might help her to reach the next step on the ladder of “success”.A manly woman won’t smile at you when you approach her.From my experiment I know that shaking hands with a masculine woman is the same as shaking hands with your middle-aged boss.The feeling and the sensuality is the same as when your boss shakes your hand right after he fired you because you masturbated on the desk of his secretary. While I can’t really say that getting rejected by a masculine woman is completely different than getting rejected by a feminine woman (seriously, they can be very professional about this), things get weird when a man in a woman’s body is into you.Ever since I learned how to meet, attract and seduce beautiful feminine women, I can’t even imagine dating masculine girls. You might be turned on by strong and independent career women.

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