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You are advised to contact your embassy and local agents prior to travelling.

Please note There has been a serious deterioration in security in South Sudan since these pages were compiled, and some of the practical information here will now be out of date.

In particular, many areas are currently not safe to travel.

Numerous cuisines are available and the ubiquitous Ethiopian dishes are particularly tasty.

The standard of hygiene during food preparation seems to be high, both in restaurants and in people’s homes, so we were happy and healthy eating everything from hotel buffets to deep-fried streetside snacks.

The upper end of South Sudan’s accommodation options includes everything from upmarket safari-style tent camps on the banks of the White Nile to high-security compounds with guards who look like Rambo.

You will pay a minimum of US0 a night (significantly more in Juba) and can expect to have water from a well or borehole; electricity most of the time, usually provided by a generator; a clean room and bedding; and English-speaking staff, some of whom are South Sudanese but most of whom seem to come from Uganda and Kenya where there are more developed hospitality industries.Food is served on large, metal trays: both the bread and the different meats, vegetables and pulses are dished up side by side, much like an Indian , and as many as six people will eat from a single tray.Dishes are typically meat-based or cooked with meat products, so vegetarians will have to keep their wits about them, particularly in smaller establishments.Black, fruit and herbal teas, in particular (hibiscus tea) are also popular and, as the water has been boiled, usually considered safe to drink.You’ll see numerous old men whiling away the hours, tea cup in hand, sitting on street corners, at bus stops and in parks Finding affordable accommodation on your trip will be one of the greatest challenges you face in South Sudan.Each green mango hangs pendulously from the tree like a giant, round Christmas tree decoration, and when the fruits ripen, fall and bounce across the tin roofs, it can sound as if the sky is falling in.


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