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By Prof Dr Geoffrey Akuamoa (Akvama) Historical Novel, Garriguesz a poor Portuguese sailor sails to West Africa in 1436.On the Atlantic Ocean, we drifted away in our small ship from Porto, Portugal, vanishing into the open Atlantic Ocean sailing toward Africa.The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade begun from 1450 to 1874, 424 years, but slavery of Africans by Europeans and Americans was from 1450 to 1888, 438 years.

We were only three, my father Garriguesz and my younger brother Raul, age eighteen. I learned much about navigation from my father and had learned a great deal of knowledge from my grandparents’ intellectual abilities, their explorations and distinctive pioneering.

We did not struggle with fears because my father was very knowledgeable.

It is a stunning tale of beauty, one that urges its readers to look for some centre of deepening knowledge and meaning in life, to discover the role each individual on earth is meant to play.

By Prof Dr Geoffrey Akuamoa (Akvama) History of pre-colonial period of Ghana and the slave trade is not completely known in details due to lack of archaeological evidences and neglect of western historians.

This book provides the reader with basic understanding of The Trans-Atlantic Slave trade from especially Ghana, West Africa.

It provides the reader with the background of the nation Ghana, tribal wars and the role played by the chiefs and kings.

Europe was economically and politically weak and could only trade around the Black and the Mediterranean Seas.

Due to the political change in the Middle East, Europe had to look for somewhere else. West African societies are still not coming in terms with slavery and expansionism.

The author has made efforts to encourage descendants of enslaved Africans to learn more about their history.

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