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I got my “fish fix” at La Cana restaurant, and ordered Nicoise salad, grouper, and sea bass.All were prepared beautifully with Mediterranean flair. However, once again, Casa de Campo reversed my expectations.

and our jaws dropped when we saw this exquisite property.

Casa de Campo isn’t your typical all-inclusive; it’s the most beautiful and luxurious resort on the island.

The resort’s guests were very respectful (you won’t encounter rowdy guys or noisy children), and you can always find a secluded spot to lounge.

Casa de Campo’s common areas are also beautifully designed. The bar at La Caña is located in the main area of the resort, with both indoor and outdoor seating.

I combined these in the perfect tropical drink: freshly blended pineapple juice, with Ron Bermudez Aniversario dark rum!

I also recommend their special “Coco Chanel” cocktail, a scrumptious mix of coconut puree, lime juice, white rum and black pepper.Molly instantly bonded with the staff, who chatted with her in Spanish, and were always a step ahead of our needs.Casa de Campo has a variety of rooms to choose from.(Outfit details: I’m wearing this exact Sunnydip black straw boater hat by Lack of Color. NAOTO, and bra is Cyberdog.) How to get here: Casa de Campo is a resort and community located in La Romana, on the southeast coast of the DR.Most international flights land at Punta Cana or Santo Domingo airport.This way, we could easily get from place to place (remember, the grounds span thousands of acres).


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