Updating maps on garmin nuvi 250w

If you plan to take the nuvi 250 with you when you drive to your next business meeting, update your device's software before you travel.

Garmin provides the free Web Updater application for updating your GPS.

This tutorial will walk you through how to show or hide maps on some of the most popular series of GPS units.

Even if your unit isn't listed specifically it should be very similar to the steps listed for these series: This section will detail how to change which maps are displayed on the Colorado, Oregon, and Dakota series GPS units.

- If so, can I use Garmin City Navigator Europe NT 2009, or do I have to have a different file - where do I find it - Is there anything else that I need to know?

Lots of questions - hope you can help Thanks I have just been given a Garmin Nuvi 250 (looks pretty old) - Maps are out of date etc.

Web Updater installs software updates on the nuvi 250 that may fix problems or improve the device's functionality. Connect the nuvi 250 to your computer via the supplied USB cable.

Allow the device to charge fully before proceeding with the update.

Also have a look at for firmware and other related software. Follow the following trick to hack the setup file so that it can be used to install Map Source clean and fresh without any prior installation of Map Source.

What does that mean as i am trying to do the install properly for the maps?

I wasn't sure (I have garmin on my Nokia E61i), therefore, follow the same rules as I did for my mobile...

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