Updating hp mediasmart server

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I have a P2000 G3 Storage array that I wish to use with System Center 2012 VMM SP1.

You need to use the following settings: Make sure you either tick the Use SSL option depending on your setting on your HP 2000.

Updating hp mediasmart server

What I was missing was the slew of mobile apps available for the synology to manage it and also make it fool proof for family to use.

I wanted a way to create a photo station, that all family members have access to, can create private folders, and have it actually work properly (could never get rid of the stupid media sharing bug where the web based photo album would sometimes show photos as red x's and only rebooting the server fixed the problem).

This is meant as a quick tutorial on how to load DSM 4.2 on your EX495 and not a comprehensive how-to on the usage of the DSM software. There are three download links, they all contain the same zip file. Wait till it completes, now you have your boot thumb drive.

The first items you'll need are as follows.1) A usb thumb drive (anything greater than 1gig should work) as the boot drive2) For testing purposes, one hard drive that will install the DSM software (it will format and empty that drive)The following pieces of software1) Synology Assistant (windows version) ... Place the USB thumb drive in the back lowest usb port on the EX495, this is important as I found out none of the other ports boot other than that one.

If all has gone well so far, you should see the server named Diskstation, click on it and click on install dsm.

Before you select the DS3612xs_3202file from the file browser, remove the usb thumb drive from the server.

Do not try to update the DSM version through the autoupdate feature.

The Synology Assistant should let you know when the server is ready to be connected to. I love WHS 2011 ability to deduplicate client machine backups and it's bare metal restores.

I'd be interested in seeing a how-to guide and can do a blog post about it if you write one up. Place USB thumb drive in your pc and make note which drive letter it is. Click on the little folder icon and browse to the DS3612xs_3202file you extracted earlier.

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