Updating hp mediasmart server

In VMM create a new Run As account with the same credentials.

updating hp mediasmart server-88

We don't want it to install the software on the USB drive.

After you click the file, follow the instructions and wait for it to install the software. When it's done, the server will automatically try and restart itself, if you see it rebooting, go ahead and put the thumb drive back in the bottom usb port, otherwise it won't boot up.

=DS1511+2) Win32 Disk Imager (to install the boot image onto usb thumb drive) Extract that program somewhere on your computer.3) The Synology boot and pat file (boot image for usb, pat file to install the software onto the server). Place the spare hard drive in the first bay (lowest) of the EX495.

Fire up the server and wait about 20 seconds, load up your synology assistant software and in the management tab, click on search.

Both support SMI-S, so configuring should be straightforward right?

Make sure you are running the latest version of the P2000 Firmware, you can get it from First create a new user on your P2000 using the web control panel, smiuser.This is meant as a quick tutorial on how to load DSM 4.2 on your EX495 and not a comprehensive how-to on the usage of the DSM software. There are three download links, they all contain the same zip file. Wait till it completes, now you have your boot thumb drive.The first items you'll need are as follows.1) A usb thumb drive (anything greater than 1gig should work) as the boot drive2) For testing purposes, one hard drive that will install the DSM software (it will format and empty that drive)The following pieces of software1) Synology Assistant (windows version) ... Place the USB thumb drive in the back lowest usb port on the EX495, this is important as I found out none of the other ports boot other than that one.I love the apps I have installed on it like Mymovies, utorrent, Web DAV, Routing and remote access, Crash Plan, Plex Server, etc.I especially love Stablebit Drivepool and Scanner for how easy it's made it for me to migrate from smaller to larger hard drives and saved my ass countless times from crappy Seagate 1.5TB drives (you all know what I'm talking about).It's as easy as pie to use and makes it a lot more enjoyable to share my content and media.


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