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That resulted in the defendant responding saying "I'll slit your f***ing throat" and called the complainant a paranoid schizophrenic.'On one occasion on July 7 the complainant described when she came on to his drive nose to nose with him and said "go on Ashley, hit me" after saying he had no intention of doing that he threw his coffee which was not overly hot at her and this led to a neighbour coming out who the defendant encourages to hit the complainant.'On one occasion when the complainant's cat was outside the defendant tried to encourage her dogs to go and attack it.

Following that, later that evening she came round accusing him of throwing eggs at her property.

‘Two years later, I was advised to have surgery, where four of my vertebrae would be fused together with pins.

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'It doesn't excuse what she's done but she feels she's been subject to a similar thing from him.

This is a lady who has been a nurse for 30 odd years.

She's on employment support allowance.'A probation officer told the court: 'The accommodation is a mortgage property in herself and her husband's name.

'Her husband split up about a month ago and took the car, emptied the family bank account and left her with a number of debts and things have gone down hill since then.'She plans to sell the property in the near future.

'She began throwing eggs at the complainants property and threw eggs and yogurt over his car saying "I f***ing hate you, there's nothing you can do".'When the complainant contacted the police she asked where's the ambulance and later said 'you have won, I'm going to take all my medication and kill myself'.

The complainant describes he has on a number of occasions tried to enter into mediation but the defendant has refused to engage in 2005, 20.'I understand there have been previous complaints made about this.

Paul Kidd, defending, said: 'This is quite a sad case with a long history.

On occasions the complainant has kicked her gate and on one occasion his partner has pushed my client over.

A judge ordered her to attend a six-month alcohol treatment programme, but after the case she was seen in the nearby Lost Dene pub with a pint of lager.

Matthew Treece, prosecuting, said: 'This is a lengthy course of conduct.

Neuromodulation involves an implant in the spine controlled by a battery pack that is able to block pain signals to the brain.


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