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Best known for their saucy seaside postcards, the company also produced a wide range of topographical cards.

Interior views of the hotels were also produced and some of these are very popular with collectors today.

In 1976 the collection was relaunched, and was purchased by John Buck in 1977 and run as an independent business.

The Francis Frith Collection over 365,000 photographs from around Britain, taken between 18, covering over 7,000 towns and villages.

The cards are poor fare indeed but are probably all that could be afforded in those austere times. Initially they published greetings cards, but by 1947 they were also publishing postcards (initially under contract for W. Nigh & Sons Ltd) and in 1958 they added guidebooks to their range.

The company became part of the John Hinde Group in 1998.

The company’s photo archive is available at the National Library of Ireland.

Eason Photographic Collection The images in the collection were created for the Irish postcard trade by Eason & Son.Grew that produced a wide variety of items including jewellery, enameled metalwork, stencilled fabric, hand painted woodwork, calendars, prints, and postcards.Card by Margaret (Daisy) O’Keefe – MOK initials bottom right of picture. The company also published postcards under the label – a novel idea which was a set of picture postcards that could be played as 45rpm records which were manufactured by the Hardy Record Manufacturing Company of London. The company initially published its own hand coloured images of the landscape of south-west of England and later graduated to producing art reproductions. Right: a card featuring the Cork & Muskerry Railway which was part of a set of four commemorating Irish narrow gauge railways issued in 1995. When this company itself folded in 2000 the Bamforth & Co.

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