Dating old photo postcards

Best known for their saucy seaside postcards, the company also produced a wide range of topographical cards.

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They produced a notable set of historic monotone views of New York City. Harvey Barton was a landscape photographer of some repute, one time president of the Bristol Camera Society.

name, stock and image rights were taken over by Leeds business man , Ian Wallace, who has since relaunched the company. Wikipedia (1905-1910) New York & Germany A publisher of colour collotype postcards depicting national views of the United States and of the United Kingdom. (1885-1960) One of the more long lived British postcard publishers, Harvey Barton & Son existed as a going concern between 18.

A vast number of businesses and photographers produced their own postcards over the years and to simplify things I have only included the major players below. He painted all the main railway hotels in the west of Ireland as well as a number of fine views around Dublin Bay.

Ref: ” Walter Hayward Young was their artist of choice.

The collection contains 5,000 negatives dating from the 1940’s – 1960’s.

Approximately 400 towns are featured, the number of views per town varies considerably.

They were the King’s Printers, printing for His Majesty’s Stationery Office.

They branched out into Christmas card printing, and by the late 19th century were also printing postcards under the ‘Woodbury Series’ name.

(1902-1909) 45 Farringdon Street, London A publisher of postcards as fine tinted halftones.


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