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Be open, who you’re willing to date and realize that her culture may be a lot different than yours. I don’t know if I can give any great advice for brown girls dating interracially.

My mother’s main comment is that she thinks that brown parents inexplicably don’t let their children drive on the interstate.

Otherwise, I think that’s about her only gripe, and she enjoys the fact that she and Sheela can team up and torment me together.

Was I hired because there are no black women on staff? Presently, the question on my mind is this: All of my friends are getting married and I'm not. Statistics show that I am not the only black woman dealing with this situation.

Will I come off as an "angry black woman" if I speak candidly about this controversial topic? Black women between the ages of 25 and 29 are less likely to be married than other groups.

I think our differing cultural backgrounds, ethnicity wise neither help nor hurt. But they certainly give us things to talk about: I know more now about Salman Khan’s biceps than I would ever care to know, or how cute Abhy Deol is. Did anyone ever say maybe this is or isn’t a good idea?

What’s more important are other similarities that we have, such as values, or what we like to do with our time. Are they apparent on a day to day basis or do they hardly come up? My friends are very supportive, and they usually don’t mention her ethnic background, except for the comments that I went to India and found myself an Indian girlfriend (Sheela and I met in Hyderabad.

To start, we have one of our own staffer’s BF talk a little bit about his relationship and what he’s learned from dating a Brown Girl. It was a very awkward conversation, the first meet-the-parents talk being about my poo. My mother is ethnically Jewish and I suppose my father is a WASP.

We’re not very culturally attuned as a family other than that we usually celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas because those holidays have presents. What do your friends (both South Asian and not) think of your significant other’s background?

But on the other hand, there are some great stories of how these relationships have worked out so well.

We at BG thought it would be great to stir up the discussion by sharing some stories from the “other side”- non-South Asians talking about their experiences with Brown Girls. What were some of the barriers to overcome in order to be in this relationship?

What advice would you have for a guy who may be interested in dating a Brown Girl? At no point did I think to myself: “I’m going to exclusively pursue South Asian women.” That’s just silly.


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  4. When both parties mean a lot to you, it can be worrying to wonder what each will think of each other and if they’ll get along.

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