Free uncensored chat room - Sccm client not updating

Using the shutdown tool we are able to suppress the update’s reboot, and ensure that the user reboots in a timely manner.

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Servers are easy to keep up to date as they are always powered on, and we have maintenance windows set on a regular schedule so that they can reboot after updates are installed.

User computers present additional challenges since in our environment they are mostly laptops that are taken home and are not powered on after hours.

Did a check on group polices that applied to the workstations, and one of them had configured a former WSUS server as Update point.

One of the struggles that we have encountered with SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) is ensuring ​​that user computers stay up to date without interrupting their normal workflow.

In large environments, it’s very difficult to find out the cause of these errors.

We need to work with different teams to resolve this kind of issue/s.

While all of Tech Ed was extremely informative, I came away with a wealth of knowledge on SCCM and Exchange that was very applicable to my daily job. Kent spoke of a tool that Coretech developed called Shutdown Tool (download link here).

This tool creates a pop up that forces a reboot of the computer after a given amount of time.

In this post, I’ll take you through one of my experience, especially with Windows 2008 R2 core servers ( found it difficult to troubleshoot on Windows 2008 CORE servers).

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