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If the kind of fabric used is not durable, the shoes would not last for long.

Materials for this include canvas-like fabrics, leather, suede and Gortex-like rubber.

However, advances in the design of steel toe boots have introduced composite materials and thermoplastic polyurethane as alternative materials that have the advantage of being lighter than steel.

Steel toe boots that are also known as steel-capped boots, steel toe shoes, safety shoes or safety toe boots are designed to protect the feet of workers in hazardous work environments where there is a high risk of their stepping on something sharp or a heavy object falling on their toes.

The material used traditionally for reinforcement had been steel through the years, thus the name of the boots.

The factors to consider are durability, flexibility, the fabric, the soles and additional features.

The first factor, of course, is durability because compliance with safety standards might be a waste if the shoes do not last very long and you may soon need to buy another pair.

It helps our member countries to promote financial stability, which supports durable and inclusive growth, said IMF chief Christine Lagarde at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.

Indonesia continues to enjoy robust growth projected at 5.3 percent for 2018.They impede the worker’s ability to focus on his work and do it properly.Additional features cover a wide range of factors and their importance will depend on the worker.And it could be a nuisance if the steel reinforcement penetrates the padding because it could be very uncomfortable to wear with the metal digging into your feet.Also related to durability is the fabric used to construct the steel toe boots.These kinds of work boots are for people who have to be outside, which exposes them to the various elements, including rain.

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