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(The best line of the episode came during this rant when Dennis told Mac to keep telling himself that he is tough and that he is straight, to which Mac responded “I am tough.”)However, when asked to confront his delusions, Dennis was characteristically unable to.That flaw boiled down to what a Dennis episode is in a nutshell.From there, there is another site called “Raters” where people can give a rating between zero and five stars to people with whom they had just been on dates. However, at this point Dennis realized the err in his ways and returned to Paddy’s to launch into a soliloquy for the ages, one that denounced the behaviors of everyone from Paddy’s and effectively resolved every subplot in the episode.

Most of all, it’s an episode where Howerton gets to yell and scream and pout and do whatever he wants.

Because Dennis is such an outlandish character that it kind of makes sense.

But we can see the appeal of The Waitress' damaged goods. Robinson and the hottest (but not only) MILF on the show.

Ruby Taft Played By: Alexandra Daddario First Appearance: Season Eight, Episode Four, "Charlie and Dee Find Love"Ruby was little more than a pawn in Charlie’s cruel intentions to make The Waitress love him, a head-scratching twist since she was gorgeous, rich and put out for Charlie almost immediately. Margaret Mc Poyle Played By: Margaret Surface (who’s actually hot IRL) First Appearance: Season Two, Episode Nine, "Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody’s Ass"This milk-drinking, lip-smacking Mc Poyle sister is as off-putting as Played By: Jessica Collins First Appearance: Season Seven, Episode Six, "The Storm of the Century"Weather lady turned Dennis’ dream nurse, Jackie Denardo boasts a body you’d expect from a local daytime TV celeb.

Dennis manipulates her, Frank made a sex-tape with her, and Charlie’s obsession over her puts her in a constant state of downward spiral. So there's really no wonder why she was cool with Mac fake-banging her for the sound effects in exchange for PCP.

We’re suspect of most things Charlie likes: cheese, magnets, catfood, huffing glue. System"Incredibly, the woman who is Glenn Howerton’s (Dennis) real life wife also played Caylee, the prime example of a woman who succumbed to the utterly sociopathic D. Played By: Anne Archer First Appearance: Season Two, Episode Two, "The Gang Goes Jihad"Dennis and Dee’s mom was a stone cold bitch, but her half of Frank’s fortune and an attitude that gets her what she wants made her Philadelphia’s resident Mrs.The news that FXX are bringing the gang back for another two seasons was music to our ears and in doing so, IASIP will become the longest-running live-action comedy in TV history with 14 seasons. With this in mind, we've decided to take inspiration from the patrons of Paddy's Pub and tell you how the words of Mac, Dennis, Dee, Frank and Charlie will improve your life in 14 different ways. We love Fat Mac because despite being crippled with dia-bitis, he still somehow managed to be healthier than Dennis. If you and your mates are sticking to the classic structure of the A-Team within your group then you really need to establish who's the looks, brains and the.... The Waitress Played By: Mary Elizabeth Ellis First Appearance: Season One, Episode One, "The Gang Gets Racist"We don’t know her name—who cares anyway? The fact is that she’s played by an actual woman named Brittany Daniel of Played By: Maria Zyrianova First Appearance: Season Ten, Episode Six, "The Gang Misses the Boat"Mac’s fake slampiece.—but we do know that The Waitress gets treated worse by the gang than almost everyone else on . She loves Angel Dust—enough to have earned her the name Dusty.Tatiana Played By: Natasha Alam First Appearance: Season 11, Episode Two, "The Gang Hits the Slopes"We learned the most important pearl of skiing wisdom from Tatiana’s role in the show—you must embrace the mountain. In fact, Jackie is so entrancing that we give her credit for nursing Dennis back to life even if he didn’t return the favor.

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