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Costco is the low-cost hearing aid provider that’s rated highest on the hearing aid forums (and probably everywhere else, too).Costco offers the same brands and models you can find at an audiologist’s office for about half the price (with the exception of the Kirkland, which is the Costco brand).

If you’re on Medicare with AARP’s supplementary insurance these are a no-brainer.

The advantage of these hearing aids is that you get to see an audiologist in person for programming and adjustments.

Health Innovations uses local audiologists all over the country to dispense its hearing aids, which cost $799 to $899 retail without insurance coverage.

A senior member describes them: “Not many bells and whistles, I believe.

According to the Hearing Aid Forums, Health Innovations is a subsidiary of United Health Group, the provider of United Healthcare insurance plans, which provides AARP’s Medicare supplementary coverage.

If you’re insured by United Healthcare, these hearing aids will be covered and you will pay around 0 each.

Tip: Audicus is currently running a special where if you buy two you get the controller for free.

Use the code ‘remote’ at checkout if you buy 2 a Notes.

Costco also saves on overhead by using space at their stores. A senior forum member says: “At 99/pair, the Kirkland Signature 5.0 is an amazing value.

You can search the forum for lots of feedback about that model.” Another senior member describes his experience: “I saw 2 audiologists, and then went to Costco.

Audicus hearing aids range from 9 to 9 each and are extensively advertised online.

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