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Although many people collect scramble paperweights for their own merit, scrambles are also valuable tools for learning to identify the different colors and canes used by each factory. Signature: This paperweight is signed with a signature cane in the design "CCGW 96".

For extra pictures, click on the picture at the right and the following links: 5 postage paid in the US.

to engage three workers from Perthshire after Perthshire closed in January 2002.

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Phoenix operated in the Manson works in Perth, Scotland.

The glass workers were William Manson Sr., David Mc Nichol (paperweight maker), Duncan Smith (lampworking), and Gordon Taylor (glass cutter).

The outer red ring is difficult to see as it hides in the curvature of the bottle. They stopped production in January 2002 after more than 30 years of production.

The design is placed over a translucent green ground. Their paperweights were consistently high in quality and yet remained reasonable in price.

For extra pictures, click on the picture at the right and the following links: Very Early Magnum Robert Eickholt Hearts and Vines Surface Decorated Paperweight. This is an unusual early paperweight by Robert Eickholt. Robert Eickholt has been making glass paperweights since 1978 when he founded Eickholt Glass in Columbus, Ohio. An amazing paperweight with multiple layers of twists.

While Eickholt is best known for his shimmering blues and veiled designs, this paperweight features a surface decorated hearts and vines design with two purple hearts and intertwined brown vines on a brilliant white ground. His designs often make use of precious metals such as gold and silver, and rare oxides such as cobalt and copper. The Cape Cod Glass Works was operated by William Clark Burchfield in Sagamore, Massachusetts from 1976 to 2000.

Size: Just over 2 5/8" diameter by just under 1 3/4" high. Condition: Excellent condition with no scratches, chips or cracks. For extra pictures, click on the picture at the right and the following links: postage paid in the US.

Signature: Signed and numbered "PHOENIX 2003 40/75" on the base. This is one of the earliest paperweights by Robert Eickholt. Added 2/11/2018 For more paperweights by contemporary American paperweight makers, see my Contemporary American Paperweights Web Page. Wonderful Cape Cod Glass Works 1996 Scramble Apple Paperweight. Colorful scramble figural paperweight in the shape of an apple packed with a variety of twist canes. It is signed with a signature cane in the design "CCGW 96".

Condition: Excellent condition with no scratches, chips or cracks.


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