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In other words, instead of matching two people because they have a bunch of things in common, these popular dating apps might match you because you crossed each others' paths, or because you have a bunch of friends of friends in common.

Here are 10 apps that satisfy the millennial itch to date. The popular dating app that people love to hate is insanely popular, and promises to facilitate millennial to millennial contact, whether you're in the mood to settle down, hookup, or something in between.

Though apps like Ok Cupid and Match are old standbys, they are the decidedly basic bitches of dating apps, without the bells and whistles — or, should I say, understated ambient music or whatever millennials are most obsessed with these days — of newer, glossier apps that promise dating with a side of pizazz.

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Make sure to check out the variety of hands-on activities available, from traditional site-seeing to interactive cultural opportunities.

From letters of thanks to people deleting their accounts because they have met someone and are already in a relationship." Fidden claims he has received feedback from his members saying "finding someone who you can trust with your more 'alternate' interests and beliefs, without the fear of a 'knee jerk reaction' is quite challenging," he told Sputnik, adding, "First you have an alternate worldview, that often leaves you feeling isolated from others- in person and even in the online world.

And finding someone 'real' to bond with online, is an extra challenge." Fidden doesn’t see Awake Dating as just another dating site, but rather a form of community building.

If you have a yen for being one half of a power couple (and what millennial doesn't? The League vets out "randos" and keeps its membership expectations high.

It's been critiqued as snobbish and elitist; if you're OK with that, try filling out a profile, which pulls in your Facebook and Linked In info, and see how well you fare. This dating app no one has ever heard of brings people together via their Linked In profiles. At first glance, Be Linked is duddier than most, but millennials are pretty into Linked In. Now millennial exercise freaks can meet likeminded counterparts via SWEATT, an app that connects people via their favorite fitness routines, among other health-minded things, so you can sweat it out with a new partner.You can even participate in an archeological dig at a Biblical site!You may be familiar with the important role present-day Turkey, Greece & Italy have played in history, but now discover first-hand the lands where the earliest pages of Christianity were written.You might find love online, we just don't think you'll find it here.These are 25 Online Dating Sites You Want No Part Of. Millennials can never resist anything novel and love a good angle (yeah, pun intended, I suppose), and Align delivers on both fronts. Pick a time and place, and the app will find someone to meet you.


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