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By the end of the tutorial, attendees will have developed a sense of what are the common tools for interactive visualization, why it has become so popular, and what are the typical settings it can be used in.

Marketing Mix is arguably the most widespread application of marketing science methods in business.

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It is a statistical approach that uses sales, media data, digital data and internal costs to quantify the impact of marketing and promotion activities on sales and profits.

The rise of marketing mix has largely paralled the growing importance of ROI (Return on Investment) or ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment).

Ye Hu, Associate Professor of Marketing, Bauer College of Business, University of Houston Sina Damangir, Doctoral Student, University of Houston Rex Yuxing Du, Marvin Hurley Associate Professor of Marketing; both at the Bauer College of Business, and University of Houston The ART Forum has been called a “journeyman” conference — the place to discover practical solutions, share methods, opinion and also code.

While we have a strong academic presence,our role is to guide the mid-level solution rather than refinement.

Often, interactive visualization is used in conjunction with a back-end data analysis system, such as a piece of big data analytics software.

In this tutorial, we will review the available tools for professional interactive visualization, and go over case studies of using interactive visualization.This year, we’re opening up the conference to some new audiences: marketing mix modelers, statistically oriented data scientists and the legal community.In these fields, new data and emerging methods demand an understanding not just of how something works but why.In the last 15 years, mix has expanded to many other businesses and types of data.Most recently, mix issues have started to surface in the world of digital, big data and CRM.Cancellations received after that date will receive a refund minus a 0 late cancellation fee.


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