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In an effort to reach the interiors of a greater population, Tiffanybegan to design lamps to allow more people to enjoy art and beauty in their ownhome.

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Awareness of Tiffanyscraftsmanship escalated with an Art Nouveau show in 1960 at the Museum of Modern Art. Art Nouveau used free-flowingdesigns based on nature that exemplified the characteristics prevalent in Tiffanys earlier creations as a landscape painter.

Today the designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany are honored and treasured aroundthe world, confirming Tiffanys legacy as a visionary of Art Nouveau design ANDMOST ANYTHING WITH THE MAGICAL TIFFANY NAME FETCHES ENORMOUS SUMS OF MONEY 28,500 Here for your consideration is a very nice and rare TIFFANY table lamp. The use of light, color andnature assumed greater significance in Tiffanys work as he developed his uniqueapproach to Art Nouveau.

It was not until 1899 that Tiffany publicly introduced the lamps forsale.

Tiffany is best known for his designs of glass vessels, lamps andwindows, but he also created items in various other media including metalwork, furniture, jewelry and ceramics, introducing enamels in 1898, art pottery in1900, and jewelry in 1904.

He established a metalwork department, producinglamps, desk sets, and chandeliers that were sold through his New York showroom, company catalogues and department stores.

He designed most anything having to dowith interior design, including even textiles and wall coverings. By Tiffanys death on February 18, 1933, thepopularity of his elaborate lamps declined with the rise of Art Moderne and Expressionism.

The company is best known for their reverse paintedlamps, hand painted with a wide array of beautiful lamps with subjects rangingfrom historical scenes to birds, flowers and butterflies.

8,850 Here for your consideration is a really outstanding and rare BIGELOW and KINNARD table lamp, the best ever. were of such high quality in workmanship and selection of high grade glass, one of the few lamp manufactures that raveled TIFFANY.

I have tried to show how the color graduates from a little darker at the top and changes toward the bottom. Digital pictures never show the true beauty but these are not too bad. Stands 24", all hardware is correct and is original with working GECO sockets. Properly rewired for another century of dependable service.

A true piece of historic American art/lamp history. This challenged thetraditional approach of painting on glass to create multicolored effects.

Tiffany became an enthusiastic supporter of the European Art Nouveau movement, challenging the current Victorian ornate style.


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