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David Elkington seems to be a credible researcher and has found that the symbols are mainly comprised of an early Hebrew language known as Hasmonean Hebrew. Consider the almost conclusive reasoning that these were forbidden books at the time they were written and the price to pay if found in possession of secret knowledge of this calibre would be death As far as I am concerned, the material found in just nine of the books seen so far, coincides with the whole spectrum of my previous research into humanitys beginnings here on earth.

Here is a link to the history of the Hasmonean Hebrews and their area of origin and reverance seen on their coins of the Menorah. I believe the message encrypted in the tablets will without doubt challenge the very foundations of traditional religion.

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For developments pertaining to the authenticity of the books, go to this Wikipedia page for daily updates.

Some scholars describe it as the find of the century and deem it to be even more important than the dead seas scrolls.

I don’t think Metalhead Dating is exactly a new idea — there’s already Metal Dating and Heavy Metal Dating, for starters — but it is, as far as I can tell, the first one to charge money for its service: it’s about $32 for a three-month subscription.

And I’m not gonna lie — I’m seriously considering joining.

All the ancient civilisations seem to have a record of these three very important stars, albeit that they may have presented this knowledge in different ways.

However, one star a Sun-like star potentially with earth-like planets is always shown as being more important than the others.In the interests of clarity these are re-processed images, using differing light angle comparison for some and further processing to enhance 3D quality.I am hoping that these people who made some images available are not just interested in profiteering and that it is true that they say they are more interested to know what they mean.I mean, I did some free browsing, and was immediately matched with a variety of metal lovin’ ladies who any guy would be lucky to bring home to meet his mother.For example: Don’t feel left out, ladies — there are some righteous dudes on the site, too: Now, I admit: my initial assessment of the site may be unfair.As with any find of this calibre, the dissemination of false information and false claims is par of the course.

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