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“We went to the Exhibition and had the electric telegraph show explained and demonstrated before us.It is the most wonderful thing and the boy who works it does so with the greatest of ease and rapidity.

- A consolidated list of all 1,178 cities and towns in Britain with public telegraphs in a typical mid-century year Telegraph Company Stamps - A short, illustrated history of all of the stamps and franks issued by the companies between 18 The Rest of the World - Cooke & Wheatstone and the Growth of the Telegraph in Europe, the Telegraph in the United States, and a Statistical Comparison of the World’s Telegraphs - In addition to many pictures and engravings in the chapters there is a host of illustrations, taken from patents, catalogues, books and journals of the 1840s, 1850s, 1860s and 1870s, of most of the telegraphic instruments mentioned in the text Telegraph Maps 1852-1868- with a large coloured “Chart of the Electric Telegraph Company’s System in Great Britain” in 1852; the Electric company’s coloured “Map of the Telegraph Lines of Europe” for 1856; the slightly later “Telegraphs of Europe” of 1860 in black and white also published by the Electric & International Telegraph Company, with all of its continental connections just before the worldwide expansion of wires and cables; a smaller scale “Telegraph Map of the Eastern World” in 1865 from the ‘Illustrated London News’; and a newly-restored “System Map of the London District Telegraph Company” from 1866, all of these are downloadable in a large size.

There are also a set of city diagrams from 1868 showing the location of the telegraph offices in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester Appendices - Comprising a List of Telegraph Companies from 1838 to 1868; the Domestic Telegraph Companies in 1868; the Addresses and Locations of Companies; a List of Domestic and Foreign Cables; Biographies of Company Personalities, now fully revised and much extended to include lesser-known telegraphic characters; a List of Telegraphic Suppliers of the 1850s and 1860s; Special Acts of Parliament that authorised the companies; Royal Charters obtained by the companies; Government Acts affecting telegraphy; Significant Telegraphic Patents; the Legal Context; a Glossary of Nineteenth Century Telegraphic Terms; concluding with a little melodrama, “Electric Sparks”, set within an electric telegraph office...

Messages were sent out to Manchester, Edinburgh, &c., and answers received in a few seconds – truly marvellous!

” Victoria R July 9,1851 “I have found material on your site invaluable. Thank you very much for creating and maintaining it.” - Susan W.

Brenner, Professor of Law & Technology, University of Dayton School of Law “I have been reading your web-pages with interest.

I am sure that they meet the long felt requirement to get that part of communications history into what is a very readable and useful perspective.” - Dr Allan Green, Research Fellow, Porthcurno Telegraph Museum “Happened upon ‘Distant Writing’ just now, and am impressed.” - John Mc Vey, Professor, Monserrat College of Art, Massachusetts “I’m just writing to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for putting together this absolutely wonderful resource!

Topics covered will include an introduction to the crops of the Northern Great Plains and their uses, crop and weed identification, crop and weed physiology, nutrition, fertilizers, growth stages, soil conservation and land management, cropping systems, seeding and harvest, storage of crops, diseases, pests, and safe use of pesticides and herbicides.

This course covers the conservation of soil and water resources.

Their working practices, employment policies, pricing structures, their influence on time and weather, and their relationships with the news media during the period are dealt with in some detail; as is the electrical technology that is inextricably and unavoidably linked to their development.


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