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The blood was then circulated through the blood vessels of live rabbits’ hearts.Subsequently, an artery of the rabbits’ hearts was blocked, mimicking a heart attack.

Ford (after two years and several million web pages dedicated to the matter, I don’t think this counts as a plot spoiler) has bowed out, Fisher has died at the tragically early age of 60 and Hamill…

Well, the good news – at least for fans of Luke Skywalker – is that after his appearance as little more than a hooded after-thought in The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi is very much his big moment.

Unfortunately, but also somewhat expected, the immediate benefits of exercise last for four to five days.

Most of the studies examining the immediate effects of exercise used moderate to high intensity endurance exercise of about one hour.

Given that some 32 years had elapsed since the last time the trio shared the screen, this was a very big deal indeed, giving J J Abrams’s already very impressive picture some real emotional heft.

Two years on and with Looper director Rian Johnson taking over at the controls, the presence – and absence – of those three actors continues to cast a long shadow over the latest Star Wars film, the eighth in the series.In other words, they examined how much tissue died.The researchers performed this test in animals that had just exercised and compared them with animals that did not exercise at all.The second comes much later and is, of course, the one we’ve all been waiting for – when Leia and her Jedi brother, Luke, are finally reunited.Even in an over-long film that is just beginning to outstay its welcome, it’s a hairs-on-the-back-of-the-neck moment. Elsewhere, however, this is very much a film that – despite the reappearance of one much-loved old character and the most famous hologram in film history – belongs to the new Star Wars generation, a fact that will heighten interest in some parts of the audience and diminish it in others, just as Johnson’s clear decision to return humour to the sort of levels creator George Lucas would approve of will too.Rating: For those of us who were there at the beginning, Star Wars: The Force Awakens – released two years ago today – had a special significance.

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