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The price of an ST mounts up, with 400 Baht for the barfine, 400 for the room, and 1,500 (! The cashier is still a ladyboy and one of the "ladies" looked like one too. The popular mamasang Sandy aka Nong (aka little lady with loud voice) has started back at Buffalo Bar, so the standard of girls will be going up again.She has been away for 7 months and it shows in the bar.The bar is spacious enough and the lighting is satisfactory.

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to 2.00 a.m., which is half an hour more than the Post Office on Soi Post Office, which opens from 8 a.m. The females still lack underwear under their short stretch dresses and their tariff is still 500 baht for BJ and 700 baht for FS.

One girl was running around in her birthday suit, probably after servicing a gentleman.

Imported Fosters & Victoria Bitter are available Driving on Third Road I suddenly decided to park and have a look at Buffalo Bar .

The place was deserted with not even a handful of older uninterested girls and even fewer customers.

(Bar girls have got to eat too.) Bottled Heineken 100 baht, lady drinks (tequila) 130 baht. about 6 decent girls working, one of which tried her best with me. Only had the one Area 51 is a new Coyote bar on Soi Dianna Inn. I was told that the barfines were 300 baht one drink included for the play corners and 400 baht no drink included for the ST room upstairs.

Fees for the females were 500 baht for BJ, 700 baht for FS without anal and 1,000 baht for FS with anal.

I was told the ST bar fine was 300 baht (room upstairs included) plus 1,000 baht for FS. 2 chrome poles on the bar with 2 girls dancing dressed in shorts and a top. As it is a double-unit shophouse it will at least not be as cramped as Kaos A-Go Go, also on Soi LK Metro. Part hours are costed pro-rata, so an evening 30 minutes costs 100 Baht On my latest visit to Bar de la Poste on Soi Lengkee there were only fatties and extreme fatties.

All of them were keen on getting some notes in their bras and strings. I think the new owner has forgot which Soi he's on when he did the price list. Customers can sit at the bar or at one of the many tables. They were clad in white plastic fedoras and white T-shirt-like dresses without underwear. I happened to be the only customer and the ladyboy cashier ordered them one by one to offer me their services.

Crazy Daves is now called Boars Head on Soi Chayaphun. Now owned by Andy and his Thai wife who used to be the Chef of the old Stags Head before it became Oscars on LK Metro. The girls are a mixed bag, but most are friendly and would suit most tastes.

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