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A step-wise increase in the flux of IRD to the core site at ∼26.5 ka BP documents BIS advance and glaciation of Ireland.

Millennial-scale variability of the BIS at a ∼2 ka periodicity is inferred through clusters of pulsed IRD fluxes throughout the late glacial (26.5–10 ka BP).

The vessel will then slowly circle the flower field and return to port.

Dating agencies north east england

Guiding Architects is an international network for architectural guided tours.

Our members are independent companies, offering professional architecture tours in the region or city where they are based.

You can contact us at any time, regardless of how long ago the crime happened.

Please note that we only offer support to people affected by crime in England and Wales.

(…) We’ve all learned a lot about Berlin and about architectural theory and history, we’ve been well looked after and feel that a return to Berlin should happen soon.”“It was very refreshing to have a tour presented by an architect for architects.

In the past, during our previous office trips to many other cities in North America we have tried to find similar tours and we never really found anything like it.”“As this was my first architecture tour with GA I was not certain what to expect and was worried that the tour would be too architecturally centred. Arne did a wonderful job of combining architecturally interesting sites with historical relevant locales, and with city features not readily accessible to the average tourist.”“The selection of projects and their presentation left no question unanswered. The information and presentation materials were excellent.

We look forward to sharing our passion and expertise with you.

“Just a little note to say thank you for your services.

Building methods and historical, architectural and social context were all presented in a more than satisfactory manner.


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