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It’s nestled in the Loring Park neighborhood (see below for gayborhoods) and is one of the oldest gay bars in town.

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I like things measured, so I decided to rate each section in this guide with 1 to 5 “you betchas!

” I dare you to try to find a section that’s under 3.

This is one of those beautiful bars where you can get a bag of popcorn for $1; yes, the microwave kind. They host a weekly lesbian event and have a really cool space.

They host pool tournaments and have a smoking porch out back, which is fantastic in the summer and offers lots of natural light when day drinking. They have a patio where you can do a variety of things…smoke, make out on one of the many seating arrangements, drink, fill in the blank.

Be prepared to delve into the eclectic and exciting city that is Minneapolis.

Experience the vast queertopia where I have resided for nearly five years.

Try to hide your excitement as you realize all of the queer opportunities this beautiful city provides.

From the homeland of Paul Bunyan comes gayborhoods, queer dance parties, and burlesque shows, OH MY!

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The Minneapolis queer girl scene is fun and exciting with a wide variety of girls to meet.

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