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Named for Frances Deering Wentworth, wife of Governor John Wentworth.

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The town was named for Lord John Russell, fourth Duke of Bedford, a close friend of Governor Benning Wentworth. The town was part of Society Land and was comprised of former portions of Hancock, Greenfield, Deering, and Francestown, the town was named in commemoration of the Battle of Bennington, fought on August 14-16, 1777, near Bennington, VT.

Vermont's Bennington was named for Governor Benning Wentworth.

This town was settled prior to the American Revolution, but did not receive its incorporated name until 1777.

It was named for County Antrim in Ireland, which was the native home of the land’s owner, Philip Riley.

This town, as part of Massachusetts, used the names Narragansett Number 4, Piscataquog Village, and Shovestown before installation of the NH provincial government.

In 1748, the area was regranted to new settlers, including Colonel John Goffe, for whom the town was officially named. The town includes the village of Grasmere, named for the English home of poets Wordsworth and Coleridge.Established in 1730 as Narragansett #5 for the benefit of soldiers who fought against the Narragansett Indians in RI.It was regranted first as Souhegan East, then incorporated as Bedford in 1750.The selection board said people who suggested mammoths noted they are 'impressive,' 'stupendous and monumental,' and 'near mythic.'Backers also noted the school's natural history museum houses a mammoth skeleton discovered by Amherst professor Frederick Brewster Loomis and brought to the college in 1925.The process started in January 2016 when school trustees decided the school's unofficial nickname, Lord Jeffs, was inappropriate in part because the 18th century British General Jeffery Amherst suggested giving smallpox-infected blankets to Native Americans.In 1748, the town was named for Wills Hill, Earl of Hillsborough, (as was Hillsborough County), created in 1769 by Governor John Wentworth. Hillsborough is the birthplace of Franklin Pierce, 14th President of the United States, the only President from NH.


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