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Separate research from Bank of America Merrill Lynch found that 60% of parents would keep working longer to support adult children.

PREP WORK That Merrill study found that more than a third of parents didn’t know what expenses they were actually covering.

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OPENING LINE “I think we need to cut back on the amount we still spend on Bill.

He’s 25 now and I think he needs to become self-sufficient.

Working together, we will have the same success in reducing opioid misuse as we have had with these other substances.

There is no “silver bullet” to eliminate the opioid crisis, but we know that we can turn the tide through our collective efforts.

And frankly, I’m not sure we can afford it for much longer.” Stemming the flow of funds to your child is really about two issues: your child’s ability to become independent, and your own financial well-being.

You need to discuss both any trade-offs you’ve made — sacrificing a year of retirement or necessary home repairs, say, or even miring yourself in debt — as well as your child’s attitude toward any money you’ve already given.

TALKING POINTS “I know you want to keep helping him until he has a more stable job, but I think he needs to make his own way.

He’ll act more responsibly if it’s his money on the line and it would free up money we need for our retirement.” Your spouse may not see the giving as a problem, or may think your child is still young enough that it isn’t yet a real issue.

College campuses strive to create health supporting environments in order to support student success.

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