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Their conversations are habitually like a rough wagon ride on a bumpy country road. And if they see you this way, it can be a sign that your social behavior is awkward and makes it easy to attract the derision of others. They generally have few friends, if any, and a very small social circle.

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If you want to discover exactly how you can do this, make sure you watch my social confidence presentation.

Fortunately, overcoming social awkwardness is absolutely possible, no matter who you are.

This is why the third advice is to gain lots of experience interacting with others.

Meet new people, make conversation, experiment, notice the results and fine-tune your behavior accordingly.

This was not a response to a sudden recognition that dating-anxious individuals were desperately in need of treatment, but rather an academic reaction to mounting criticism of analog studies of behavioral techniques which focused on problems such as snake and spider phobias (Bernstein & Paul, 1971; Cooper, Furst, & Bridger, 1969).

Dating anxiety, or heterosocial anxiety as it was often called, had a number of characteristics which made it an excellent target behavior for analog behavioral research (Borkovec, Stone, O’Brien, & Kaloupek, 1974): (1) it frequently occurred in psychiatric populations, so it was seen as more worthy of attention than simple phobias; (2) it occurred frequently enough among college students to provide adequate sample sizes; (3) it often involved physiological arousal, which was useful for testing desensitization treatments which were particularly popular at the time; and (4) it caused disruption in the individual’s life and, in fact, was identified as a significant problem among college students (Bryant & Trower, 1974).

When you’re anxious, you can’t think straight, you stumble, bumble and fumble around, and thus you embarrass yourself.

Work on improving your social confidence, and I promise you that .

It is important for you to know that you are not alone and there is help available.

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