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Before the usual suspects start squealing with confected outrage, let me make it clear for the umpteenth time that I have no problem with broadcasting organisations reflecting the audience they are supposed to be serving.

I’ve written before about my time at London Weekend Television in the mid-Nineties, when my executive producer Trevor Phillips was about the only black face in the building not pushing a broom or working in the canteen.

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Fortunately, because FIFA affiliates are based in Miami and money was allegedly laundered through U. banks, the Americans have been able to assert jurisdiction.

Thank goodness they have the moral courage and firepower to act, even though FIFA’s crimes have minimal impact in the U. If ever ISIS is to be confronted and destroyed, that will fall to the Americans, too.

But in the brave new world of the BBC, ability to actually do the job comes a distant second to having the right politics, gender, skin colour, sexuality, religion or disability.

They salve their own consciences and shore up their lavishly-rewarded, privileged positions by imposing strict ‘diversity’ targets on the lower orders, even if that means hammering square pegs into round holes.

Actually, when it comes to promoting vulnerable minorities in the field of weather forecasting, the BBC is a long way behind the game. VE TV, the cable channel run by Kelvin Mac Kenzie, featured a weather map fronted by a dwarf called Rusty.

Because of his restricted growth, Rusty couldn’t reach above Birmingham, so whenever he had to discuss the forecast for Scotland and Northern England he would bounce up and down on a mini-trampoline — until one day he fell off and almost broke his neck while attempting to point to a cold front over Aberdeen.

Talking to others that have similar interests is a great way to find things to do once you are dating.

You might have thought that a complete lack of any relevant expertise or qualifications might be a bit of a drawback for anyone planning a career as a weather forecaster.

Should Muslims be promoted ahead of homosexuals, or Afro-Caribbean women ahead of heterosexual white men with disabilities?

And (don’t get me started) why are there so many dopey birds wittering on about football and rugby, especially on the BBC?

For instance, professional football club owners remain reluctant to hire Black British managers — no matter how distinguished their playing careers.

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